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Top Known Issues

The purpose of this entry is to circulate information as to what the Top Known Customer Service Issues are in-game. These issues are not listed in order of importance and will be maintained on a regular basis. As these issues are resolved, they will be removed from the list and new issues will be populated as they are encountered. It is always a good idea to reference this list frequently prior to submitting a customer service ticket. Please consider increasing the size of your Help Window to incorporate the bulk of this entry.

Entry Updated: Friday, June 2nd 2006 14:00 PM PST

EverQuest has launched it's eleventh expansion: EverQuest: The Prophecy of Ro. To purchase the expansion online, please visit the station store at http://store.station.sony.com. For more information about the expansion, check out http://eqplayers.station.sony.com/expansions/prophecyofro/

There is a known issue with some evolving items that when you level to the next stage, you might get kicked to character select and get rolled back. This happens randomly and will be fixed as soon as possible.

There is a known issue where numerous NPC's are all gathering in the same location in the arena which causes severe lag. This issue has been fixed on the Test server and will be pushed to the live servers in the upcoming patch.

If you had an active Stormhammer account on 12-07-05, when the announcement was made the service was being discontinued. You are eligible for all seven veteran rewards when you transfer to another server. If your account has not been flagged for these rewards, please email eqlegends@soe.sony.com with this information: Station name, characters names that were moved and the approximate date you were transferred.

By default all your pages are viewable. You can easily turn off any areas you wish to by signing into the site with your station log in. Then access your Character Admin area from the left menu by clicking on EDIT PREFERENCES.

If you have a name that is the same as a in game NPC or zone, your name will not show up when you do a /who all command. You will need to petition for a name change.

If your starting city has been changed, please /bug and give a detailed description to our testing department. And hopefully this issue will be addressed as soon as possible.

If you receive a message to claim rewards when you log in, please disregard this message unless you are eligible for your next reward

If you are having user errors or compatibility issues with the new UI. You can resort back to the old UI by going into the Options menu, and loading the older file in the list. This will reinstate the old UI you are used to and reset everything to default

Can't see Epic Title? Please visit Kraylor Nalsiv in Plane of Knowledge and he will allow the title to be chosen in your available Title List. If you still can not see the Title allowed for your class specific Epic then please /bug this incident. It is a known issue and we are currently collecting data so Testing and Development can address this in a future update.

(task timers, LDoN Adventure timers, etc) - Bios/System Clock interfering with various timers on server for your Character? If you are experiencing issues with timers, such as they will not reset etc... You will need to make sure your BIOS clock is in sync with your computer clock. If you are unsure how to go about this process, please contact the manufacturer of your computer or a qualified service technician for assistance.

Tech Support: 1-858-537-0898 or http://www.station.com/kb and begin a search, then click the e-mail tab if search was not successful.

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