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Videos and Media

EverQuest Videos and Media

EverQuest: An Evolution In the Making - NEW!
After many wallpapers being created in tribute to the upcoming sweep of graphical upgrades, one of the largest places to have been upgraded graphically was done right in Antonica, and for all to access. Freeport, and the deserts of Ro, including the Oasis of Marr were upgraded graphically as well as structurally. In tribute, I (Leonai_art) have created this video.

New Video Temporarily Taken Down.

Looking for a bit of nostalgia?
In the early days of EverQuest, upon loading up the game, a video would play with a very similar feel that one would find when starting up an RPG. Click on the link below to view the video that used to be part of the loading of the game.

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June 5, 2006