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The city of Freeport is one of 2 cities that are home to the humans of Norrath, and Antonica, for that matter. Wedged between the Desert of Ro and the Commonlands, Freeport is the city that once was commonly travelled to by boat when coming from Faydwer. Now, with the teleporters on the docks, it's not quite as impressive of a way to arrive to the city if you're traveling by boat, but it's still a site that you should definately see.

Freeport is one of the only cities where you'll find arenas available to PVP in a PVE environment. There have been many GM events centered around these arenas. Throughout Freeport, you'll find waterways and cutter systems, which is the way of travel for those who are not as welcome to the city, but must travel through it regardless. They'll come out in the "shady" part of East Freeport. If you're of good nature, don't be caught wandering around those areas of the city.

Here lies one of the beginning cities that characters once began their EverQuest experience in.

Low Level Creatures of Freeport


Anyone cry for beetlejuice? Well you didn't have to. These beetles are crawling everywhere. Snapping their jaws in what might be construde as an agressive gesture, these fire beetles are a combination of a nuisance, and a great thing to kill as a lower level character.

Oh yes, the Orcs are all over. The orcs of the deserts surrounding Freeport are from the Deathfist clan. Clad in golden armor, they walk around as though they own the place, but don't be fooled. The ones roaming directly outside the city gates of Freeport art the wimps of them all. The Orc pawns. Pawn? Hmmm... what are those used as in chess? Oh, that's right. The expendible weak guys. Yep... they CAN be the deadly opponent, but really, they're mostly pretty easy to kill. Great for lower level characters in experience as well as loot.


And you thought some of the other cities had a rodent problem?! Take a look at these guys if you ever have a chance. They're HUGE. These rats actually do come with a fairly nasty bite in comparison to the other lower level mobs, but their loot is well worth it. There is an NPC directly inside of the gates of freeport that is an exterminator. Or so he says. Really, all he does is give you a quest and make YOU do his job. But that's ok. Most people don't mind. Not when it comes to good experience and good loot.


These guys just don't give up. Wherever there are people, there are skeletons. Skeletons are known for their lower level loot being rusty weapons or cloth armor, but most treasured is their bone chips, which are used in Necromancy and Shadowknight spells to summon pets.


Can you slither and kick at the same time? Well if you can't THESE guys can! Don't ask me how, but these guys will kick and bash into you as though they had feet to stand on and a shield on their arm. Though these are great for experience, one might want to be a bit more careful with them, as you can become poisoned by their sting

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