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Updates - Per expansion

While you were away - EverQuest has become incredibly different than it once was for many players who are returning to the game. Because of this, it is always helpful to get a bit of a grasp of the many changes that have occured with each expansion.

Below is a compilation of major updates made to the game:

* Added the Raid feature to the game. Multiple groups, all getting slim amounts of exp (if it's an exp encounter). No more /shout's and /ooc's to tell the raid when to jump a mob, or everyone talking in channel all over each other. /Raidsay is generally the RaidLeader and Officers/crucial members of the raid to communicate with the raid force.
* Introduced the Plane of Knowledge, which is now available to all players.
* High level expansion. You must be level 46 to zone in to any other zone than Plane of Knowledge.
* Level cap raised to 65.
* New AA skills introduced.
* Introduced a flagging system where you need to complete raid level encounters to gain access to higher level zones (This was later modified to allow access to all but the highest level zones based on character level).
* Mob damage output (DPS) scaled up dramatically from Luclin equivalent.

* Mid-Level (30-55) expansion with little to no content aimed at end-game players or raiding guilds.
* Introduced armor dyes being made with multiple tradeskilling abilities
* Brought about the ability to research 50-60 spells.
* Introduced in game maps, which are now available to all players in some zones but still requires the expansion to have mapping in all zones that it is available. Some zones have mapping disabled completely. See EQ Mapfiend for available maps.
* Gave players another eight top level bank slots. Yay!
* Introduced Frogluk as a playable race.
* * Frogluks invaded Grobb and took it over. Trolls now start in Neriak Foreign Quarter.
* New scripting system was developed that allowed the developers to create massive dynamic events (such as the invasion of Grobb) that could run without direct GM control. The new engine allowed such things as zoning NPCs and triggered events.
* We find a new mount type. Not just horses now but Drogmors! They're evil looking but a lot of players bought them (about 1k over the same speed for a horse) bc the horse ears were in casters' view and they complained of not seeing well.

* Starting at level 20, up to the max levels (minimum was 4, but now 3 people to do an LDoN adventure).
* First truly instancing technology. Each group doing an LDoN dungeon gets their own, private, copy of the zone.
* Instanced dungeons are scaled to the average level of the group.
* The amount of points awarded by a win are based on the level of difficulty, type of adventure, and average level of the group.
* Groups were required to be within a 7 level range in order to get an adventure and go have fun. This since has been changed to 10 levels.
* In addition to normal dropped items and some new tradeskill recipes, equipment can be obtained by spending points that are accrued by successfully completing missions.
* Spells that were hard to get, or new ones added to the game.. like Remove Greater Curse (raid drop usually) could be bought with LDoN points! Spirit of the Shrew/Pack Shrew meant indoor SoW for shamans!
* Introduced the concept of "Augment" type items that can be added to existing items to add statistics

* High level expansion tuned in many places at release for level 70 players even though the level cap was not raised from 65. The encounters have since been adjusted.
* Normal (trash) mob DPS scaled up even more over Planes of Power mobs (probably still the highest average monster damage output in the game).
* Introduced Leadership Experience. Group and raid leaders gain experience, similar to Alternate Ability experience, that grants them access to new abilities. These abilities include such things as specifying the Main Assist, which then creates a special targetting ring around whatever that player is targetting, or the ability to allow group members to create a "Health of Target's Target" window.
* Created the Berserker class.
* New Alternate Abilities.
* Combination of Instanced and non-instanced zones. Includes the only (that I'm aware of) instanced zones that are available to a solo player.
* Allowed players to be added and removed from instanced expeditions (LDoN missions rosters are set once the mission is accepted).
* Large portion of expansion required flags to progress.
* Raid level mobs are in instanced zones, removing the competition between guilds as they race for spawns. Expedition lockout timers replace spawn timers as limiting factor for guilds to gear up.
* Added some very nice zones for tradeskilling. Fishing in Natimbi is great, for instance. And Abysmal Sea has been referred to as the "Tradeskill Mecca" honestly. You can get literally 90% (or possibly all?) of the things you need to tradeskill from 1 to max level in all tradeskills in that one zone, just about. There's even a quest you can do for all the major tradeskills to get from level 1 to 51 (I think) for FREE.

* Raised level cap to 70 and introduced more AA skills.
* Expansion was delayed to allow for consultation with community.
* Only one locked zone (RiftSeekers is lev 69+ only). The rest of the expansion is open to anyone (assuming they can survive).
* Combination of instanced and non-instanced zones.
* Large amount of single group content. There are significant amounts of good loot available in single group encounters.
* Few solo areas.. but there are some! LOL
* Transportation is via the PoD's (Priests of Discord) in all the starting cities and PoK.
* Titles available for your character based on AA's achieved/spent as well as tradeskilling mastery! Ancient, Lady, Master, Apprentice Fletcher, etc.. Shift + T gives you a list of the titles your character has access to.

* No new levels or AA skills.
* Task and mission based progression, similar to LDoN in many ways. Equipment is purchased with "crystals" which are given as a reward for completing missions but are tradeable.
* Two opposing factions. Crystals rewarded for one faction cannot be used to buy equipment from the other.
* Complete revamp of the Lavastorm zone.
* Tier progression of x number of missions and quests that you need to complete, then killing a demi-boss mob before you can progress to the next tier of missions and quests.
* Introduced the Guild Lobby and the Guild Hall.
* Guild Lobby introduces a feature to summon your corpses from any zone to the Lobby.
* Guild Hall introduces a healing pool, the guild bank, and buff timers are halted while in Guild Hall.
* Added a Guild Board to look for a guild or players
* Introduced the Bandolier (quick weapon change) and Potion Belt
* Tradeskill levels went to 300 max cap (even including Alchemy) and any previous tradeskills that were level capped, no longer function that way.

* Monster Missions: Play as you never have before and see Norrath through the eyes of some of its fearsome and powerful creatures as you step into their form to do battle against their ancient foes. Experience EverQuest lore first hand through the eyes of another character in Monster Missions and unlock the ability to use more powerful monsters!
* Spirit Shrouds: Don the form of a lower level creature and join your friends in battle while earning experience for your normal character!
* Evolving Items: Earn new items that advance as you use them, becoming more powerful over time and unlocking hidden abilities and wield intelligent items with a personality of their own!
* New Missions: Battle your way through over 60 new missions.
* New Creatures, New Environments and New Encounters: More than 30 unique creatures, 7 zones, 15 small instances, with a re-envisioned Nektulos Forest.
* New Crafting, Spells, Items and More!

Non-expansion specific updates/additions:
* Shared bank slots. 2 Slots added in your shared bank, allow you to put a bag or other container in them and store things for other characters on that account.
* New tutorial to go through. This teaches newbies how to hail an NPC, turn in items, buy/sell from merchants, swim, do basic tradeskilling and of course, attack a mob.
* With the coming of the new tutorial, if a character chooses to go through the tutorial, upon leaving it, they will be tranported to the Plane of Knowledge. Players will only go to a "home town" if they choose not to use the tutorial.
* The transportation days of riding a boat are over... SOE Decided they are just too buggy and POOF! They're replaced with Trasnlocator Gnomes at the docks. We always knew Gnomes were good for something. Sony just defined it for us! LOL
* Firiona Vie fell to the evils. The dark races took over in a war on the city. If you're a good race, you should avoid this zone now believe it or not!
* New Tradeskill Interface. The Sewing Kit /Alchemy bag or whatever is simply make an item once the old way, then add it to your favorites.. and one click, you have your item. Stacks of items are now made in time it used to take to make 5 or 6 of somethings.
* Soulbinders were added somewhere around Luclin/PoP. No more of the days of asking strangers to bind you in a city. find a soulbinder, hail and in seconds, you're bound to that area.
* Shadowrest now exists, a place where corpses go after a week. No longer do corpses poof and you lose your gear, you can go to Shadowrest and get it back. No rez available on that old corpse but at least you don't lose all your stuff anymore after 7 days.
* Very recently added was the "return home" button. After 6 hours from last camping out, you can click go home at the character select screen and when you login next, you're in your guild hall (class guild) in your home town.

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