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General Links

Casters Realm

EQ Traders
*The* place for tradeskilling information!

EQ Toolbox
Source for in game maps that you can download

EQ Interface
"Your EQ Interface modification source"

Store your characters gear, level and stat info with Magelo

Guilds at LQGaming Services:
LQGaming Services:'s great Guild Web site/forum tool!

Guild Portal
The Leader in Guild hosting

Guildz.Com provides all the tools you need to make a truly integrated, dynamic, and great looking website for your online community.

EZ Board
Community Discussion Boards for everyone

Comics sites - All RPG related

Angst Technology
Angst Technology is a comic based on a small game developing company. Slighly technical, but very funy

WTF Comics
What The Heck!? Ok, so they didn't mean "heck".. lol. Go take a read

GU Comics
We all need a laugh! Come read the latest RPG related comic

Server specific sites - Please keep in mind that there have been server merges and while some servers use one (merged from, or merged to) site, there's not one way I can know which one is that server's "preferred" board. So if you know which one is used (or both are), please post on the forum, PM me there or email me at NareenaTheGypsy@lqgaming.com - TY

Antonious Bayle server

Ayonae Ro server

Bertoxxulous server

Bristlebane server

Cazic Thule server

Drinal server

Druzzil Ro

E'Ci server

Erollisi Marr server

Firiona Vie server

Innoruuk server

Kane Bayle server

Lanys T'vyl server

Luclin server

Saryn / Mithaniel Marr server

Morden Rasp server

Morrell Thule server

Prexus server

Quellious server (This site has EQ, EQ2 and WoW forums)

Rodcet Nife server

Saryn server

StormHammer server (Legends server)

Stromm server

The Test server

The Rathe server

Seventh Hammer server

The Tribunal server

Tunare server

Vazaelle server

Venril Sathir server

Xegony server

Xev server

Zebuxoruk server

Zek server (former Rallos Zek board)

Class Specific

EQ Diva
The Bards place to rest after a long day of twisting

The Concert Hall
An EZ Board Bard-based community

EQ Beastlord

Go Berserker
Berserker's site

EQ Cleric
Arguably the best EverQuest Cleric specific site out there

The Druids Grove

The Runes

Mage Compendium

EQ Mages

Monkly Business

Necro EQ Classes

Paladins of Norrath

EQ Rangers
EQ Rangers

EQ Hunter
Rangers are the "hunters" of EverQuest due to their bows and arrows

The Safehouse
Sneaky Rogues, watch out or they will stab you in the back!

Shadowknights are the hybrid.. part Necro, part warrior

The Crucible
Shamans, the buff Queens and Kings of EQ

The Steel Warrior
Warriors, Hit Point, our special!

Wizards, Nuke, nuke, nuke..!

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