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Chat commands

/shout - Sends your message to everyone in the zone as a "shout", showing in red text
/ooc - Sends your message to everyone in the zone as Out Of Character
/auction - Sends your message to everyone in the zone as an auction
/g or /gsay - Sends your message to everyone in your Group Chat Channel
/say or ' - Says your message only to those in your local range
/raidsay or /rs - Sends your message to everyone in your Raid Chat Channel
/em (text) - Creates a message that appears behind your name as an emote message
/tell or t - (charname) (text) - Sends your message to the character who's name you input
/telltarget or /tt - Sends your /tell to your target
/reply or r - Sends your message to the last person that sent you a /tell
*Note: If you hit R, then tab, you can scroll through anyone who has sent you a tell
/rtarget or /rt - Targets a person who just sent you a tell. Great for buffers who get lots of buff requests on raids

cross game tells - [tell game.server.name message (from EverQuest to EQ2, or SWG)
cross server tells - ;tell server.name (message) (from one EQ server to another)

Character Status Flags

/anon - Anonymous, hide class, level and guild tag.
/role - Roleplaying flag. This hides class, level but shows your guild tag. Your character name and guildtag appear in purple.
/afk [optional message to be returned to anyone who /tells you] - Returns the message you wish a player to see while you are away
/lfg - Adds you to the looking for group search results
/showname 1 - only first names show on your UI. BIG lag reducer
/shownames - toggles all names on and off


/(numbers 1,2..etc) or /chat # (using the #sign) - Tell command for channel number assignment
/join channelname - Enter a room (or create if doesn't exist)
/join channelname:password ( if it's a passworded channel)
/autojoin channelname (:password if there is one). This allows you to permanently join a channel for that character only
/leave # - Leave a room (i.e.: 1, 2, etc depending on how many channels you are in
/leaveall - Exit all channels you are currently in
/list - Lists all channels currently in
/whochannel # - Lists all users in specified channel. (channelnumber is displayed next to name in chat window whenever receive message regarding that channel (i.e "You tell channelname (1), "hello channel" "))
/chat set Makes you a member of all of the channels listed. You will be joined to those channels in the order listed (see /join below for details on what 'joining' a channel means). This will remove you from all previously joined channels. If you just want to join a new channel, use the /join command
/join Allows you to join the channel or channels listed. If the channel does not yet exist it will create the channel and you will be added as a moderator for the channel (see below for moderator commands). Note: You may use spaces when creating a channel. But when the channel is created those spaces will be removed. So if you "/join fluffy bunny" the channel created will be "fluffybunny"
/announce (on / off) or /ann (will swap on to off, or vice versa)- Toggles on and off the announcements heard when people join or leave channels. This is set OFF by default
/chat help - Displays a list of chat channel commands
/chat invite (channelname) - Sends an invitation to the specified character to join a the chat channel. If no channel is specified the character will be invited to join your first channel (whichever channel is your channel number 1). The invitation arrives as a text message. If the channel is password protected, the invited person can enter the channel only once without a password
/chat grant (channelname) - Grants moderator privileges in the channel specified to the character named. If no channel is specified the character will be given moderator privileges to your first channel (whichever channel is your channel number 1)
/chat password (channelname) - Sets the password for the channel specified. If no channel is specified the password will be applied to your first channel (whichever channel is your channel number 1). Note: A password protected channel is the only type of channel that is semi-permanent. Such a channel will disappear after it has been empty for 24 hours. All other channels cease to exist once they are empty
/chat kick (channelname) - Kicks the character named off of the chat channel listed. If no channel is specified the character will be kicked our of your first channel (whichever channel is your channel number 1)
/chat moderate (channelname) - Sets the specified channel to 'moderated' mode. This means that only those given 'voice' in the channel will be able to speak in that channel. If no channel is specified your first channel (whichever channel is your channel number 1) will be set into moderated mode. This is a toggle command, so if you execute this command a second time the channel will return to unmoderated status.
/chat voice (channelname) - Give the named character the ability to speak in a moderated channel. If no channel is specified the character will be allowed voice in your first channel (whichever channel is your channel number 1)
Note: A password protected channel is the only type of channel that is semi-permanent. Such a channel will disappear after it has been empty for 24 hours. All other channels cease to exist once they are empty

/usecolor See the section in this manual for a description of the use of this command. The following /usercolor numbers have been added to allow greater customization of your chat channels:
35 - Chat Channel Messages 36 - Chat Channel 1 37 - Chat Channel 2 38 - Chat Channel 3 39 - Chat Channel 4 40 - Chat Channel 5 41 - Chat Channel 6 42 - Chat Channel 7 43 - Chat Channel 8 44 - Chat Channel 9 45 - Chat Channel 10

Group Commands

(Target player and then....)
Ctrl + I - invite to group
/disband - Will now disband the group member you have targeted. Ctrl + D (also works on self to leave)
/follow or /fol - Follows your target
/assist (char name - partial or full name) - You will target char name's target
/assist - You will target your target's target (NPC or PC ok)
/target name - Targets name

(does not need to be targeted to take effect)
/makeleader (name or target) - Gives leadership of group to selected target or character

Raid commands

/makeraidleader (playername) - Passes raid leadership to another
/setloottype (1-3) - sets loot type for the raid. 1 is leader only, 2 is leader + group leaders, 3 is leader + designated people
/addraidlooter - adds target to the raid loot list, not sure if you can type in a name instead
/removeraidlooter - removes target from raid loot list

/assist off - you don't automatically attack when you assist
* /assist RAID - assists the designated MA1
* /assist GROUP - assists the designated MA1
(those only work if raid/group leader has the AAs though)

Who commands

/who or / - Will bring up a list of people currently in the same zone as you
/who all - Can be many things (shaman, 30 40, guild, etc)
/who all GM - Will bring up a list of GMs
/who all shaman 40 50 - Would bring up all shamans level 40 to 50
/who all 60 - Would bring up anyone level 60

Misc / Utility

H - Hail Target
Q - Autoattack Toggle
U or Double click - Interact/Use world item.... (NPC will open merchandise, doors open. etc)
Shift + Print Screen - Captures Screenshot
/motd - Shows the game message of the day
/get - Shows you the guild message of the day (if you are guilded)
/badwordfilter off (or on) - Toggles the obscenity filter
/chatfontsize # (1-5) - increases or decreases font size. Default size is 3.
/friend (name) - Adds or removes the name from your friend list
/ignore (name) - Adds or removes the name from your ignore list
/log - Saves text to a .txt file per character, per server
/played - Shows you your character played time information
/time - Shows you in-game and real life time
/sit or /sit on - Makes your character sit
/stand or /sit off - Makes your character stand
/camp - Exits the game (30 second campout)
/quit or /q - Quits the game, forcing your character out. Looks like *linkdead* to other players
/con or c - Considers target and advises mob faction (KoS, amiable, etc)
random 1 100 - Random number between 1 and 100 (change numbers to whatever)
/target (name) - Selects target of choice if within range
/report (playername) - reports the last 10 lines of text in the buffer to the GM's, good for using on griefers and people who are abusing chat channels
/charinfo or /char - tells you where you are bound
/safelock (word) - puts a password on your UI, so your little kid can't make your toon jump into The Hole. To release, type /safelock (same word )
/note (text) - Makes a notes.txt file appear in your EQ directory, handy for those who want to remind themselves to look up something or do something later.
/key (lets you know what you're keyed for)
/loadskin (ui name) or /loadskin (click the ui name) - Allows you to load a custom UI that you have stored in your UI folder in the EQ directory
/dopropertinting on - fixes some funky color problems with Luclin models
/guildstatus (name or target) - lets you know if you're talking to a member, officer, or guild leader
/inspect off - you no-longer automatically inspect everyone you right-click; some people consider unannounced inspections rude

% codes
Useful for hotkeyed macros (see socials window)

Within many MMOs, speaking commands are available. When wanting to create speach based on a target or when wanting to easily/quickly address a character or object, commands can be used in place of the full words to save time. Of course... a lot of us use these just for good plain fun ;)

%M - Returns the character's pet's name (when they have a pet)
%T - Returns the current target
%S - Returns the subjective gender-specific pronoun for the target (He, She, It)
%O - Returns the objective gender-specific pronoun for the target (Him, Her, It)
%P - Returns the possessive gender-specific pronoun for the target (His, Her, Its)
%R - Returns the race of the target (only works on Player characters)
%G - Returns the gender of the target


Forward - W or Up Arrow or Numpad 8 or Mouselook + Left Mouse Button
Backward - S or Down Arrow or Numpad 2
Turn Left - A or Left Arrow or Numpad 4
Turn Right - D or Right Arrow or Numpad 6
Move Left - Q or Ctrl + A or Ctrl + Left Arrow or Ctrl + Numpad 4 or Mouselook + Turn Left
Move Right - E or Ctrl + D or Ctrl + Right Arrow or Ctrl + Numpad 6 or Mouselook + Turn Right
Swim Up - Numpad 7 (Home)
Swim Down - Numpad 1 (End)
Run/Walk Toggle - Shift + R
Autorun - Num Lock
Jump - Space
Duck/squat - D


Clear Target - Escape
Target - Single left-click on object or character in worldview
Target Self - F1
Target Self's Pet - F1 twice
Target Groupmates - F2 through F6
Target Group Pets - F2 through F6 (press twice per whose pet you want to target)
Target Nearest PC - F7
Target Nearest NPC - F8

Lag reducing commands

/dynamiclighting (on/off) - Makes light sources light up terrain and characters. It can slow down the framerate, though
/mixahead (1-16) - allows you to adjust how far ahead the engine pre-mixes sound. Default is 8.
/hidecorpse all - hides all corpses, nice for cutting down lag when you're close to a PoP graveyard
/hidecorpse allbutgroup - hides all corpses but your group's, cuts down on lag
/combatmusic off (no more of that annoying battle music)


F10 - Toggles UI to all windows ON or OFF
I - Inventory
M or Backspace key - Map (M is a new addition, from Dragons of Norrath)
Alt + O - Options
Alt + N - Compass toggle
Alt + P - Group window toggle on/off
Alt + T - Self window toggle on/off
Alt + G - Guild window toggle open/closed
Alt + E - Bard buffs (short term duration buffs) window on/off
Alt + B - Standard duration buffs window toggle on/off
Ctrl + C - Macros page. Use arrows along the top of the page to navigate.

Dynamic Zone Commands

/dzadd (playername) - adds a player to your dynamic zone instance even if not in zone or in group
/dzhelp - Provides a full list of DZ commands
/dzswapplayer - swaps an old player with a new player in your dynamic zone
/dztimers lists the time left in your dynamic zone

Corpse and Consent Commands

/consent group - gives consent to drag your corpse to all group members
/consent guild - gives consent to dragon your corpse to all guild members
/consent raid - gives all members of your raid consent to drag your corpse
/corpsedrag - MUCH better than /corpse, you automatically drag a corpse. You can autodrag 2 at a time with this
/corpsedrop - you stop autodragging the corpse

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