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LQGaming Network Announcement

Site Announcement

The LQGaming Network is very excited to be joining the Zam.com Network.

Zam.com will now be the one and only destination where you can get everything you need for your MMO game play. From news, information and guides to advanced databases, search tools and dedicated forums, we're bringing it all together in one powerful package.

Our move into the Zam.com Network means that we will have increased visibility and resources and be able to deliver even bigger and better tools and services to you, our dedicated members, and all MMO gamers worldwide.

You can learn more and discuss about this announcement here.


New Exclusive Wallpaper and Myspace.com

 posted by: Serith on Saturday, June 3 @ 3:06 pm

Check out our new Myspace page.

We've also uploaded some new and exclusive Wallpaper.

Take a look and let us know what you think... we love feedback.

We are also always looking for submissions of wallpaper, screenshots, etc...

Turbine Player Screenshot Poll-Contest

 posted by: Serith on Friday, June 2 @ 3:26 pm

The next batch of Player Screenshots are up! You can find them here.

Have a look at the screenshots this week and vote for the one you like best. At the end of the week we will tally the votes and announce the winning screenshot. The winner at the end of each week will be awarded the forum title of Stormreach.

For more information regarding the Player Screenshots
click here.

Guild Hosted Event - Thelanis Server

 posted by: Serith on Friday, June 2 @ 1:31 pm

The Church of Tyrilath on the Thelanis will be holding a Weekend of Events next Saturday June 3 starting at 3pm. The events will also start over again Sun June 4 at 3pm as well.

In Game Mail System Coming In Twilight Forge Module!

 posted by: Serith on Wednesday, May 31 @ 2:13 pm

Soon you will be able to send and receive mail. Not only will the couriers be carrying letters. They will be carrying packages. Now you can send that beloved long sword to your best friend or when your kid brother is out of gold you have an easy way to send him a loan.

Take a look Here to find out more information.

Screenshot and Wallpaper Updates

 posted by: Serith on Wednesday, May 31 @ 2:06 pm

DDO Official Wallpaper and Official Screenshots have been added to the galleries.

We will be adding additional exclusive screenshots and wallpaper in the very near future. Check back often so you don't miss out.

Weekly Development Activities - May 30, 2008

 posted by: Serith on Wednesday, May 31 @ 12:13 am

This week in development news

Click Here to read all changes.

In Development: New Enhancements for Module 2, Part 1 of 4

 posted by: Serith on Friday, May 26 @ 1:09 pm

Module 2 will introdue new enhancements for spellcasters

Click Here to learn more.

Guild Hosted Event

 posted by: Serith on Friday, May 26 @ 1:04 pm

The Church of Tyrilath on the Thelanis will be holding a Weekend of Events next Saturday June 3 starting at 3pm. Each event will continue till end and/or a new event will start every 3 hours. These events will carry on into the night and we will see fit to accomidate each player with a team if they come in late. The events will also start over again Sun June 4 at 3pm as well.

Weekly Forum Roundup: 5/23/06

 posted by: Serith on Wednesday, May 24 @ 3:22 pm

Every Tuesday Turbine will highlight certain threads from in the forums. They will be helpful or positive threads started by the Turbine team or by the members of the community.

Click Here.

E3 2008 Gamers Choice Poll

 posted by: Draknorr on Tuesday, May 23 @ 12:40 am

Our E3 Coverage has come to a close, but we have one last award to give away - our Gamers Choice award.

This award is chosen by you - what game had the best E3 showing? You can vote here and have a say in our final award!


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