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NPC NameZoneNPC Type
  Mad Anne Rackham Irestone Inlet Quest
  Maestro Forsith d'Phiarlan, Bard Trainer House Phiarlan Bard Trainer
  Magician Aldred Starmark, Sorcerer Trainer Stormreach Marketplace Sorcerer Trainer
 Malison Deathsong, Barkeep Ever Full Flagon Barkeep
 Mantakhan, Beetle Collector House Jorasco Beetle Collector
  Mara Cullych, Paladin Trainer House Jorasco Paladin Trainer
  Martin Songsmith, Street Performer Stormreach Marketplace 
  Maryle Tallow Stormreach Harbor 
 Master Thorpe Ever Full Flagon Quest
  Mats Beltane Hammersmith's Inn 
  Menos Xuekaine Hammersmith's Inn 
  Menos Xuekaine (DS) Drowning Sorrows Tavern Quest
  Mikita Smith, Banker Lordsmarch Bank Banker
 Miller Tarrigan Rosethorn Miller Tarrigan's House Quest
  Minstrel Dorin Bluestone, Bard Trainer Stormreach Harbor Bard Trainer
  Mirra Parthilcar Drowning Sorrows Tavern Quest
 Miss Garnet Wavecrest Inn 
  Mistress Ahura Leaky Dinghy Tavern Quest
  Morin Axleson Hammersmith's Inn 
 Moritt Hastigal, Innkeeper The One-Eared Bugbear Inn Tavernkeep
  Mourning Acquaintance Delera's Graveyard 
  Mourning Brother Delera's Graveyard 
  Mourning Relative Delera's Graveyard 
  Mourning Widow Delera's Graveyard 
  Mur Ay'Strew Drowning Sorrows Tavern 
  Mystic Delene d'Phiarlan, Sorcerer Trainer House Phiarlan Sorcerer Trainer


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