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NPC NameZoneNPC Type
 Haddi Malewud, Tavernkeep Open Palm Inn Tavernkeep
  Hadley d'Deneith House Deneith 
  Harbormaster Zin Harbormaster's House Quest
  Hardtack Stormreach Harbor 
  Hargo Kinmare Delera's Graveyard Quest
  Harmon Taft Stormreach Harbor Quest
  Hartwood The Harbor 
 Harven Gralak Stormreach Marketplace Quest
  Head Librarian Guilluame Library Archives Quest
  Helga Rocksmasher Stormreach Marketplace 
  Henda Boulerbreaker Phoenix Tavern Gambling
  Hern Ear-Cutter Salty Wench Tavern 
  Horus Balinour, Potion Vendor Liquid Charm Potion Vendor
  Huhaet Doomstealer Lordsmarch Bank 
 Husk, Apparatus Collector House Kundarak Apparatus Collector


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