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NPC NameZoneNPC Type
  Rosie the Jinx Three-Barrel Cove Quest
  Rubik Lordsmarch Bank Guard
 Rune Combat Magic Room Quest
  Sailor Ambush at Sea 
 Sailor Calatin Smuggler's Rest Gatekeeper
  Sal Danek Ruins of Threnal Quest
  Salar Riptalon, Arcane Reagent Vendor Feather's Fall Apothecary Arcane Reagent Vendor
 Sam House Kundarak 
  Samson Cully Leaky Dinghy Tavern 
  Sarah d'Deneith Fare Trades - House Deneith Weapon Vendor - Pawnbroker
  Sarisha Sarai Stormreach Harbor 
  Sarlona Courd, Arcane Reagent Vendor Liquid Charm Arcane Reagent Vendor
  Savage Kenric Strongclub, Barbarian Trainer Stormreach Marketplace Barbarian Trainer
  Scholar Alseria Eldemaw, Wizard Trainer Stormreach Marketplace Wizard Trainer
  Scholes of Vedykar Hammersmith's Inn 
  Scout Caen Morne, Ranger Trainer Stormreach Harbor Ranger Trainer
  Seamus Luckypenny Leaky Dinghy Tavern 
  Seld the Gray Sister, Intelligence Collector House Phiarlan Intelligence Collector
  Selena Eldborn Leaky Dinghy Tavern 
  Shard, Clothing Broker Empty Handed Clothing Broker
  Shir Clowenks d'Phiarlan The Wayward Lobster Quest
 Sigmund Bauerson, Tavernkeep Wavecrest Inn Tavernkeep
  Silver Flame Adept The Catacombs Guard
  Silver Flame Guard The Catacombs Guard
  Sir Alsen of Thrane, Paladin Trainer House Jorasco Paladin Trainer
  Sister Ealsa Wyrmclout, Divine Reagent Vendor Liquid Charm Divine Reagent Vendor
  Sister Sara Salty Wench Tavern 
  Skittish Prisoner Outer Splinterskull Fortress Quest
  Solania Rhone Hammersmith's Inn 
  Soldier Synn Ironfist, Fighter Trainer Stormreach Harbor Fighter Trainer
  Squizeev The Kidnappers' Refuge 
  Stained-Tusk Irestone Inlet Quest
  Steppy, Barkeep and Repairs Delver's Canteen Barkeep and Repairs
  Sylvia Stonewarden Drowning Sorrows Tavern 
  Tad Darksteel, Banker Lordsmarch Bank Banker
 Talishar Waverider, Exotic Missile Vendor Stormreach Bazaar Exotic Missile Vendor
  Tamberri, Cleric Trainer House Jorasco Cleric Trainer
  Tambor Smythe Stormreach Harbor Quest
  Tara Wightraven, Infernal Essence Collector House Deneith Infernal Essence Collector
  Tarantus D'Phiarlan House Phiarlan 
  Tattered Alice The Harbor 
  Tavish Bronzefoot Stormreach Harbor 
 Teresa the Fighter Rook's Gambit 
  Tfisg Steelsmith, Banker Lordsmarch Bank Banker
  Thadine Bedeire Stormreach Marketplace 
  The Gatekeeper The Twelve Gatekeeper
  Thorvax d'Kundarak, Magical Armor Broker Second Gauntlet Goods Magical Armor Broker
 Three-Fingered Thad The Harbor Weapon Vendor
 Thurd Steelhand Ever Full Flagon Quest
  Toheas Songweaver Phoenix Tavern 
  Tolomar Lordsmarch Bank Guard
  Trace Jax Hammersmith's Inn 
  Tracker Marcus Greenbow, Ranger Trainer Stormreach Marketplace Ranger Trainer
  Troubadour Asla Winterrose, Bard Trainer Stormreach Marketplace Bard Trainer
  Ulcana Braddock Stormreach Marketplace Quest
  Ulfgar d'Kundarak House Kundarak Quest
  Ungurz's Warrior Tangleroot Gorge 
  Uriel Driefen Dragon Tooth Arms Melee Weapons Vendor
  Vada Phiarlan Rook's Gambit Tavernkeep
  Vannick the Sot Leaky Dinghy Tavern 
  Venn ar-Kerran Clan Tunnelworm Prison Quest
  Verisgante, Talisman Collector House Jorasco Talisman Collector
  Veteran Andon 'Bloodyface' Grey, Fighter Trainer Stormreach Marketplace Fighter Trainer
  Wafiz ir'Sulesh Salty Wench Tavern 
  Warder Barrach House Kundarak Gatekeeper
  Warder Ravnika House Kundarak Gatekeeper
  Warforged Alchemist's Laboratory Quest
  Wash Pynoptis, Arcane Collector Stormreach Harbor Arcane Collector
  Wayfinder Dael Stormreach Marketplace Quest
  William Broadbrow Stormreach Harbor 
  Wransyl of Vedykar House Phiarlan Gatekeeper
 Wransyl of Vedykar (BI) The One-Eared Bugbear Inn Transporter
 Wrint Quickblade Combat Training Room Quest
  Xovun Chalk, Forensic Collector Stormreach Marketplace Forensic Collector
  Y'laria Deathsong, Tavernkeep Phoenix Tavern Tavernkeep
 Yannick Drumdoom, Morbid Curios Collector Stormreach Marketplace Morbid Curios Collector
 Yasha Wine-tooth The One-Eared Bugbear Inn 
  Yranos Whitefern Drowning Sorrows Tavern 
  Zarius d'Kundarak House Kundarak Quest


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