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:: News and Database Updates

From the Beginning.

 posted by: Raven on 2006-06-02

For today's update I have gone back to the beginning and revised the information for the quests that you must perform upon reaching Stormreach Harbor. These quests in the tavern and given by Gerald Goodblade have changed since the game was released in March with new monsters added and zone names being changed.
At the opposite end of the scale, we have several very nice unique high level items added today courtesy of Serith, who does all the good work on our main DDO page here at LQGaming Services:.

New Bestiary : Runty Kobold

Updated Bestiary : Jacoby Drexelhand, The Madman - Rusty Iron Defender - Violet Progenitor Slime - Slain Guardsman - Decrepit Skeleton - Medium Monstrous Scorpion - Kobold Sneak - Troglodyte Shaman - Quickfoot Thief - Small Brown Spider - Muck

Updated Quests : Quest for the Ancient Daggers - Steal the Healing Elixir - Search for the Rare Scrolls - Durk's Got a Secret - Taking Stock - Thwarting the Threat

Updated Zones : Wavecrest Inn Basement - Wavecrest Inn Basement (TTT) - Harbormaster's Warehouse - Ominous Sewer - Crypt of the Guard

New Items : Helm of the Flame - Onyxhorn - Scorpion Tail Shortbow - Serpentbranch - Trapblast Goggles

Updated Items : String of Prayer Beads

Bonebite Hideout

 posted by: Raven on 2006-06-01

Today's update focuses on the Kobold's New Ringleader quest.
The bestiary has been updated and the Bonebite Hideout zone has a new map added to it for you.

New Bestiary : Rhakmel

Updated Bestiary : Brakhash the Vile - Grundok the Quick - Madooroh - Bronkarz - Bloodknuckles - Chieftain Kanguil

Updated Quests : The Kobold's New Ringleader

Updated Zones : Bonebite Hideout

New Items : Bronkarz's Cloak

Caged Trolls Updated.

 posted by: Raven on 2006-05-28

This weekend's update features new information on the Caged Trolls quest which includes full bestiary links amongst other things.
Also included are more item updates as we continue to revise our prices to bring them up to date.

New Bestiary : Dwarf Apprentice - Warrior of the Emerald Claw

Updated Bestiary : Dwarf Necromancer - Human Necromancer - Blackbone Thrall - Blackbone Knight - Troll Chieftain - Hobgoblin Guard - Hobgoblin Patrol Leader

Updated Quests : Caged Trolls

Updated Zones : Emerald Claw's Laboratory

Updated Items : Light Hammer - Masterwork Light Hammer - +2 Light Hammer - +1 Light Hammer - +3 Light Hammer - +4 Light Hammer - +5 Light Hammer - Longbow - Masterwork Longbow - +1 Longbow - +2 Longbow - +3 Longbow - +4 Longbow - +5 Longbow - Starter Quarterstaff - Quarterstaff - Masterwork Quarterstaff - +1 Quarterstaff - +2 Quarterstaff - +3 Quarterstaff - +4 Quarterstaff - +5 Quarterstaff


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June 5, 2008