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Free Items

Pre-Order / Collector's Edition / Target Edition items

+1 AC Amulet - You get this item from entering in a "Headstart" Pre-order code. This is the same code that was won during the contest we ran.

Boots of Running - You get the boots of Running by buying the Limited Edition, or some call it the "Collector's Edition" of the game.

Founder's Helmet - Grants the wearer 5 additional hitpoints. If at the end of the head start, you have a character in a guild with 10 or more characters in it, your account will get flagged. Once we put the helm in the game, any character on the account will get the helm. Both existing characters and new characters. The helm cannot be traded.

Brooch of Water Breathing - You get this item from buying your copy of DDO at Target. You get 2 minutes of waterbreathing when activated. It can only be used once for each rest period. There used to be a post about this, but when the forums changed over, I can't seem to find it, so be sure that this offer is present at the time of purchase. I imagine there would either be signs, or a sticker on the box.

There is still question on whether you could use the Pre-order key + a limited edition key from target and get all the items. We will update this list once the game has been released at Target and we know for sure.

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June 5, 2008