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D&D Shadowblades

D&D Forgotten Realms: Shadowblades
Welcome to Shadowblades, a weekly look into a group of pen and paper D&D enthusiasts. Here you'll catch a glimpse into their roleplaying adventures and experiences.

A general plea from the church of Tymora has been sent for those with the heart of an adventurer to journey to Shadowdale and meet Lord DeWinter at the Old Skull Inn, where he would detail the reason for the summons.

Six answered the call.

Gideon the Accountant and Enaia Galanodel already in Shadowdale wait for Lord DeWinter to convene the meeting.

The twins Karl and Kristen arrive a few days later, having paid a considerable sum to be magically transported to Daggerdale. It was no small feat to find someone who knew the area well enough to exact the spell with enough certainty that Kristen was confident the trip would not end in disaster.

Donavan and and the eld maiden Sidney arrived a ten day later. The look of travel caked into their fine Waterdhavian clothes.

Karl and Kristen spend most of their time getting to know the people of Daggerfalls while they waited for Lord DeWinter.

With the arrival of the cleric, everyone gathered at the inn.

"My brothers and sisters of the faith." he begins as he raps his knotted darkwood staff on the table where the group is sitting, ending their conversations and drawing their attention to the wizened old cleric.

"I thank you all for answering the call of Tymora." he continues "As for the reason you are here."

It would not be long after that these six heroes would be charter members of the Shadowblades of Daggerdale.

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June 5, 2008