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Savage Moon


Exclusively for PS3 and downloadable on PLAYSTATION Network, Savage Moon is an action-packed tower-defense game featuring some of today’s hottest graphics, the finest weaponry known to man and adrenaline-pumping situations that put players’ strategy skills to the test. Developed by FluffyLogic, Savage Moon tasks players to protect a remote mining operation (located on an “Imoon”) from ravenous attack waves made by different enemy creatures, known as Insectocytes, who are trying to wipe out the facility.

To protect the mining facility, players will be given basic machine gun towers and a wide array of weapons to choose from that they will have to strategically place where it is most effective in destroying the constant wave of attacks. Players will have an opportunity to upgrade the size and firepower of their weapons throughout the game, as well as obtain new defense towers, upgrade existing towers, purchase supporting equipment and develop new technologies by redeeming points and credits earned in each level.

As the player advances, the action moves towards the heart of the Imoon where the landscape becomes more challenging and Insectocytes become tougher, spawning more deadly versions of themselves.

Savage Moon is instantly accessible and perfect for players of all levels. Additionally, the game offers true replayability though the massive range of strategy choices open to the player and online ranking boards to allow competition on a global scale.




Do you think you'll ever get too old for video gaming?

Absolutely, we all have to grow up sometime.

Maybe, when real life demands more of my time.

No way, video gaming will always be an entertainment option for me.

Never, I'm looking forward to pwning my grandkids.

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