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  Exclusive Pre-E3 Interview with Everquest II's Ryan Shwayder  

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Everquest II community manager Ryan Shwayder previews Echoes of Faydwer.

EverQuest II has gone through some serious trials since its launch in November, 2004. In addition to having to compete with World of Warcraft, almost every aspect of the game has been revamped. If you had played the game right after launch and tried it again today, it's very likely that you would say "Hey, this isn't the same at all". EverQuest II in my opinion is now as (if not more) solid than World of Warcraft.

This week the Sony Online Entertainment E3 lineup was announced and among the titles on display were EverQuest II: The Fallen Dynasty and EverQuest II: Echoes of Faydwer. We had a chance this week to talk with the good folks at SOE about EverQuest II's third expansion.

Special thanks go out to Michael Shelling (EverQuest II PR Manager), Ryan Shwayder (Community Manager - EverQuest II), Scott Hartsman (Senior Producer) and Jason Roberts (Lead Designer).

LQGaming Services:: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us, Ryan. I know you guys are busy getting ready for E3 next week. Shall we begin?

Ryan Shwayder: Before I go into answering any of these questions, I just wanted to point out that I can't say a whole lot. Since we just announced this Expansion (as well as an Adventure Pack, called The Fallen Dynasty), we aren't revealing terribly much until later on.

That said, I will now attempt to answer as much as I can. :) Thanks go out to Senior Producer Scott Hartsman and Lead Designer Jason Roberts, as you'll likely be reading as many (or more) of their words as mine.

LQGaming Services:: Understandable! Let’s begin! How will this expansions content provide challenges for maxed out characters, yet not trivialize older content? Will the new content's levels be geared towards the majority of the player base?

Ryan Shwayder: There are many different ways to grow your character in Echoes of Faydwer. We'll be adding a number of new Achievements for EoF that players level 20 and above will be able to earn to further customize their character to their desire.

"We'll be adding a number of new Achievements for EoF that players level 20 and above will be able to earn to further customize their character to their desire."

A new adornments system will be coming for players to customize their equipment with new bonuses, and many an adventurer will want to make their own armor sets more unique with the help of artisan-created adornments. For example, you might be able to add metal studs to increase the durability and protection of your armor or enchanted embers to add fire damage to your sword.

There is also a new belief system that provides for additional character growth that isn't entirely level based. The new items will also offer up some unique aspects that will make them quite desirable. Additionally, there will be a lot of new Heritage and Signature quests, along with tons of new quests for players to experience, and of course, new high level content and raids.

In short, levels are not the only means by which a character can grow in EverQuest II. In addition to the actual character growth, there will be more guild levels to attain, new secondary tradeskills, lots of new items, and factions that players can make meaningful decisions in allying with. As for the second part of the question, the answer is a resounding "yes." Echoes of Faydwer is aimed at players of all levels, from 1 through 70.

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Do you think you'll ever get too old for video gaming?

Absolutely, we all have to grow up sometime.

Maybe, when real life demands more of my time.

No way, video gaming will always be an entertainment option for me.

Never, I'm looking forward to pwning my grandkids.

I don't know


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