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  Ad Optimizer/Trafficker  

Qualified candidates will have a STRONG working knowledge (i.e. 2+ years experience) of ad serving applications/systems (DART for Publishers a major plus!) and online advertising sales in general.  The candidate will be focused on development and customization for our DART DFP ad serving platform.  She/he will work with the Ad Sales team and Engineering on various development projects including building custom reports, optimizing traffic flow and various other improvements that contribute to increasing the efficiency of The LQGaming Network’s global advertising operations.

Successful candidates should have a solid understanding of RICH MEDIA, Eyeblaster, Pointroll, HTML, JavaScript, and Flash, and a good understanding of the basics of programming and ad serving processes/technology in general.

This is an hourly, part-time position, but depending on the success of the candidate, can easily become a full-time, salaried position with full benefits.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Maintain ad inventory forecasts and availability schedule and publish to sales team daily; produce various analytical and status reports using web-based reporting tools
  2. Analyze client reports through duration of campaign and provide recommendations to sales representatives and client for optimization; provide campaign progress reports as needed and monthly billing reports.
  3. Traffic ad campaigns in a timely and competent manner, always with a focus on optimization.

- Ad trafficking expertise on a large commercial website is desired and working knowledge of HTML, Javascript, Macromedia Flash, web coding concepts, Excel, and DFP are extremely important.

- Job location is in Beverly Hills, CA

- Compensation is hourly.  Based on experience level and very competitive.

- Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

You are welcome to send your resume / contact us at jobs@lqgaming.com

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