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GDC 2006
GDC 2006
March 20-24, 2006

For this years Game Developers' Conference, LQGaming Services: sent a team to get up close and personal with some of today's finest MMO and video game designers. Click here for exclusive interviews, previews, and overviews.

October 28-29, 2005

Join lqgaming.com as we report on the spectacular sights and sounds that abound when Blizzard and its fans meet. The latest word from the developers' panels, game tournaments, expansion demos, and much more.

AGC Austin Game Conference
October 26-27, 2005

From 2005's Austin Game Conference, lqgaming.com reports from one of the world's most venerated gatherings of Game Development innovators from around the globe.

Dungeons & Dragons Online Press Event
Dungeons & Dragons Online Press Event
November 8, 2005

View LQGaming Services:'s exclsuive Wrap Up direct from Turbine's DDO press party held at the Dragon Bar in San Francisco. Includes images from the event, in-game screenshots, concept art, and more!

Star Wars Galaxies Press Event
Star Wars Galaxies Press Event
November 2, 2005

SWG is going to become the game we all envisioned. In short, "SWG has gone twitch." A term generally reserved First Person Shooters, it's an element that MMORPG veterans have asked for since the start.

Eve FanFest 2005
October 20-22, 2005

Discussions from the leads at CCP, a pre-launch of Eve Online's upcoming expansion (code-named Kali), panels, championship gaming, and a glimps of the first EVE Trading Card Game.

Penny Arcade Expo / LotRO Gathering 1 West
August 26-28, 2005

There was so much to report from PAX
that we put it all in one location to find the write-ups, interviews & screenies.

LotRO G1
LotR Gathering 1 East
August 11-13, 2005

Online fan sites’ held their first ever, “Lunch of the Ring” event in Providence, Rhode Island. The event was a rousing success.

SOE FanFaire 2005
SOE FanFaire 2005
 June 9-12, 2005

LQGaming Services: had a representative for both EverQuest & EverQuest 2, joining this year's first ever SOE fanfaire in Las Vegas!

E3 2005
E3 2005
May 18-20, 2005

Wondering what a day at E3 is like? Want to get a feel for what happens on the floor? Insight into one of the largest gaming conventions.

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Absolutely, we all have to grow up sometime.

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